Sunday, February 13, 2022

Cincinnati Bengals 20 - Los Angeles Rams 13 10:15 Third

 Rams Defense needs to step it up.  Not that they've played badly mind you.  They've given up two big plays.  That's it.  

It's still very early.

At least they only gave up 3 points on that drive, with a key sack on 4th down in the red-zone.  Ugh.


And I'm about bored with the commercials this year.  Maybe it's because commercials as an advertising medium are pretty banal in the first place.

What can I say about representation though?  I can't.  Bring it on.  Everyone deserves to be seen.  So good on ya Google Pixel.

WTF a COVID test computer thingy?  whoa.

Also I love lindsey lohan.  She is awesome.  Screw you.  She's cute.  I need to go to the gym.

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