Sunday, February 13, 2022

Cincinnati Bengals 20 - Los Angeles Rams 16 2:47 Third

 Damn.  The Rams had a PRIME opportunity to take momentum back from the Bengals and they blew it big time.  These things are crucial.  Now the Defense has to make a play just to keep them in it.

And Stafford might be hurt.


Oh look, they remind us Austin Powers was a thing.  Wait I do think this commercial is funnier than the last movie.

Baby Me!

More Crypto bullshit.  Listen I'm a self-professed techno geek.  STAY AWAY from Crypto.  It ain't worth it.  

Zach Braff is a dude.  Scrubs was a show.  remember?  I think the commercials are all about remembering stuff you used to like much more than stuff that's new now.

That movie with Jlow and the Blond Wilson.  Nope.

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