Sunday, February 6, 2011

Superbowl Pre-Kick Show

Wait, it's the what now Pre-Kick Show? Of course, Joe Buck and Troy Aikman are announcing, they are Fox's A-Team after all. I happen to really like Aikman, loved him as a Bruin, loved him as a Cowboy. Back when I was collecting FB cards I was proud to own Aikman's most expensive rookie card, his 1988 Score.

Joe Buck on the other hand annoys me to no end. When he does Baseball all he can talk about is the Yankees. When he does Football he has a rampant streak of homerism for whomever is the more popular team. I guarantee you that he'll be supporting whomever is in the lead, whereas Aikman will actually call the game.

Still they're better than Madden and Summerall. OK Aikman's better than Madden. Honestly, I'd rather hear Al Michaels today.

Oh yeah, Glee is on after the game. And of course, new Animation Domination shows. Since I have a buddy working on "The Cleveland Show" (Hi Doug!) I give it a shot every time. The new "Bob's Burgers" is just gawd awful though. Looking forward to Simpsons and the rest.

20 minutes until Kickoff.

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