Sunday, June 15, 2008

2 More Father's Day Packs

I was gifted with two more packs for Father's Day. OK I lie, I had to buy them for myself, but my wife let me, so it's kind of a gift. Unfortunately all I could find that I was interested in were two packs of last year's Heritage. Fortunately, they didn't suck that badly.

2007 Topps Heritage Hobby
    Pack One
  • 152 Jason Schmidt P Dodgers
  • 394 Jeremy Sowers P Indians
  • 341 Pirates Team
  • 97 Jeff Supan P Brewers
  • THC 74 Garret Anderson OF ANGELS! CHROME! #1314/1958
  • 272 Moises Alou OF Mets
  • 47 Delmon Young OF Rays RC
  • 326 Brett Myers P Phillies

Well for me, this is a four star pack, but only because the 1:11 insert I pulled was one of my all-time favorite players, the seemingly immortal GA. Behind Vladdy GA is my favorite current Angel, and if I had to choose a top-10 All-Time favorite Angels, he'd be up there, probably in the top 5 (hmm...there's an idea for a later post).

Here's the bad part though, how the heck can Topps slap one of those nifty "Rookie Card" Logos on the Delmon Young card, when this isn't even his first Topps Heritage card? I thought that in order to use that logo the card had to be a true rookie card, and this one really isn't, since Young had cards dating back as far as 2003!

    Pack Two
  • 143 Josh Johnson P Marlins
  • 442 Nook Logan OF Nationals
  • 81 Stephen Drew SS D'Backs
  • 460 Jaret Wright P Orioles
  • 294 Miguel Batista P Mariners SP
  • 444 Joe Mauer C Twins
  • 327 Cubs Team
  • 165 Garret Anderson OF ANGELS!

A solid three-star pack because it contains a decent insert (the Batista SP might actually sell for a couple bucks), a card that I can PROBABLY trade for a Vladdy, AND the non-chrome version of that GA Insert I pulled last pack. Plus, Nook Logan is one of the coolest baseball names I've seen in a long time. Of course, now I understand that "Nook" is a nickname for Exavier. Honestly, I'd go by either name, that's just cool.

Final Notes: Normally if I pulled two of the same player in consecutive packs I'd be pissed, but since they weren't the same card, AND since they were one of my faves, I'll be happy this time instead of sad.

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