Sunday, February 1, 2015

Superbowl XLIX - Seattle Seahawks vs. New England Patriots - Pre-Game

XLIX  -10 + 50 + - 1 + 10 = 49

Go figure.

Today's contest is between two teams with the same 14-4 record.  The Defending Champion Seattle Seahawks coached by Cheatey Petey Carroll and the New England Patroits coached by proven cheater Bill "Hoody" Belicheck.

I honestly don't care who wins the game, though I suppose I'm rooting more for the Seahawks than the Patriots.  The cliche goes "I just want to see a good game."  That sounds about right.

We're just about 28 minutes away from Kickoff.  Our Pizza is scheduled to get here at 4 pm.  Welcome to my yearly Superbowl Live-Blog.

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