Sunday, February 2, 2014

The Muppets Most Wanted Pre-Game Show on Fox

Half an hour away from the "Pre-Game Festivities".  In the last hour we've had a package on Richard Sherman and Russell Wilson, and now we're getting the piece on Peyton Manning.

Very strange here that Terry Bradshaw is featured heavily in the pre-game packages, but he's not there on the field.  Poor man lost his father earlier this week so he's with family, I certainly can understand that.  With the death of Phillip Seymour Hoffman so fresh on our collective minds I think the festivities will be somewhat muted today.  Though not for very long I'm sure.

I have to say this, everyone so far has been a class act in this Super Bowl.  Even Richard Sherman.  I may not care for Pete Caroll because of his connection to U$C, but how can you not root for Ruseell Wilson who seems to be such a genuine good guy?  How can you not appreciate Peyton Manning and his "chip on his shoulder"?

As to the "legacy" of Peyton Manning - win or lose, he's in the HOF and this game is a testament to his resilliance.  Win or lose, he's done what he needed to do already, he has nothing else to prove.  Any other interpretation is irrelevant.

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