Sunday, February 2, 2014

Super Bowl XLVIII - Seahawks 22 - Broncos 0 Half-Time

Bruno Mars and the Chili-Peppers are coming up.

Thoughts on the first half - well, what is there to say really?  Cheatey Petey's team is really kicking major booty over the lackluster Broncos.  Russell Wilson et al is looking great on offense, but the real story is that the Legion of Boom hasn't let the Broncos do ANYTHING on offense.  Sure Manning has a few more yards passing than Wilson, but those two picks are a major difference in the score each leading to a touchdown.  The last 14 Seattle points are directly related to Manning's two INTs.

If the Seahawks do hold onto win that leaves the non-Superbowl winners roster one team down, and to me that's always a good thing.

Good luck Petey in the second half, you are only playing Peyton Manning.

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