Monday, January 7, 2013

RIP Richard McWilliam - UD Founder

Just got this in the email from UD:

As you probably have learned by now, Richard McWilliam passed away unexpectedly over the weekend at his home in the San Diego area. We are heartbroken today, and everyone at Upper Deck has joined together to remember Richard, honor his work, and support his wife and their three children.

I want to assure you that while his departure is a hard emotional blow, it will not affect Upper Deck’s ability to fulfill the commitments and obligations we have made with our business partners.

For the last year, Jason Masherah has been carrying the title of Vice President Marketing and Business Development, while also overseeing day to day operations. With Richard’s passing, the company has formalized Jason’s role and named him President. The company will carry forward Richard’s vision, and we intend to continue to introduce innovating and exciting products that will reinforce Upper Deck’s position as the leader of our industry.

We appreciate your expressions of support and condolence, and look forward to working with you. We're available to you for any questions or thoughts you may have.


Chris Carlin

Sports Marketing & Social Media Manager

Whatever you might think of Upper Deck's current configuration as a company, you cannot deny their impact on our hobby. The first >$1.00 pack of cards, the first major insertion of certified autographs, the first jersey cards, the list of firsts from UD goes on and on, and while they're no longer a major player in the sports game, lacking licenses for everything except the NHL, they're still producing great cards.

It's sad when anyone passes away, more so when that person is an industry leader and visionary. My condolences to his family and all the folks at UD.

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