Monday, November 19, 2012

Off Topic: Curiosity - "What's Inside the Cube"

I downloaded Curiosity a couple of days ago, and after a couple of days of not being able to join, I've been playing it, fairly regularly for a couple of days. I think I'll end up playing on it a lot. Why? Because I'm interested in the entire social experiment that's happening here. At it's heart the app is a game. A really lame game actually. The premise is simply this, there is a huge cube in a room, and you have to get to the middle of it by chipping off it's layers one cubelet at a time. There are MILLIONS of cubelets in each layer, however, there are also almost a million players chipping off cubelets all at the same time. At the heart of the cube is something wonderful says the creator Peter Molyneux a quite famous and wealthy game designer. And only one person gets to see what it is. I don't expect to be that person. As I mentioned there's almost a million other players, that's based on a recent interview which stated that the app has been downloaded 900,000 times already. I suspect as the cube gets closer and closer to being completed the number of downloads will go up. I'm curious to see what's inside, I'm curious to see how the different images and texts on the different layers tie into the endgame. And I'm curious to see what the outcome is going to be. I guess I'm just curious. You can be too, it's free in the App Store.

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Anonymous said...

must have been an exciting game, .. I also love the game