Sunday, November 3, 2013

Pacific Rim Heroclix for Sale

Ahh Heroclix, my old friend, you license a property that I love and I have to go back and purchase you.  You suck me right back in.

A little history - I collected Heroclix from the initial set through to about the 10th set overall.  I was able to pull great pieces and played in tournaments and for fun up until about the release of the Galactus big figure at Wizard World Long Beach in 2004.  After that fiasco I had a very bad taste in my mouth, and promptly switched to WizKids newest game Pirates, which let's face it, was far more interesting.

Almost a decade later, I found myself purchasing Heroclix again, why?  Because of Guillermo Del Toro's Pacific Rim.  This movie was what I'd been waiting to see for decades.  It contained virtually everything I wanted to see in a Giant Robot vs. Kaiju movie; believable giant robots, menacing kaiju who were even CALLED kaiju, bad acting, bad scripting, and fantastic special effects.  It was almost a perfect film for me.  No, it's not a great film, but it is a great MOVIE, and there's a big difference.

Of course I'd like to be writing this blog about the NECA Action Figure line, but unless you snapped up Series 1 at retail on the two days they were available at Toys R Us, you're paying close to $40 for each figure that originally retailed for about $16.   Instead I take the budget minded route and talk about the miniatures game from NECA, Heroclix.

NECA purchase the rights to Heroclix from Topps some years ago and revived the brand to where it's actually bigger than ever now.  Pacific Rim seemed like a no-brainer for a Clix product, but as of now it's just one set of 10 figures with a "mini-game" release.  The mini-game contains 2 clix, a nice but small game board, and a smattering of tokens, plus rudimentary rules that point you to the internet for the full rules.  Oh and some cheap dice.  This retails for about $12 - $15 if you can find it in  your local comic or game store.  I had to order mine off of, along with a 4 of the single piece gravity feed packs at $3.20 apiece.  The mini-game clix are exactly the same as the ones you get in the gravity feeds, so now after purchasing an additional 7 packs (at between $4 and $5 apiece) at a convention yesterday I have a total of THREE Gipsy Dangers, 2 Striker Eurekas, 2 Slatters, 2 Knifeheads and 2 Raijus.  I only need Leatherback and Crimson Typhoon to have a complete set of ten.

So I'm selling my duplicates on eBay.  here.  If you win one and tell me you saw this blog post in your notes I will refund 10% of your purchase price!

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