Friday, February 3, 2012

Doctor Who Toys - The Pandorica is Open!

Was it a mere two weeks ago that I posted about finding Doctor Who Toys cheap? This afternoon I decided on a whim to go to Yoga class by myself and on the way back, feeling VERY refreshed and relaxed I stopped into the same Comic Book Store DreamWorld Comics, where lo and behold the Pandorica Chair and River Song were now nestled in the $2 toy box. There were, in fact, two complete sets. So not to ruin it for someone else I left the second set in the box, along with several of the side-pieces.

As soon as I got home I put it together and I really like it. The chair is well designed and does hold the Doctor in quite snugly. I haven't tried the Amy figure yet, especially since I don't have QUITE the right one.

To make a really keen display you really only need a couple of the side-pieces, earlier in the day I tried it with the top on, and it looks good, but it's hard to see really. I'll relight it though and see what I can do.

The River Song figure that comes with it is OK, I'm happy to have her, but I'm really thrown off by her hair and her head. All in all though I'm really happy. Remember I got these pieces at outrageously low prices.

The Gang's All Here! I consider the Roman Auton to be Rory. So there.

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