Monday, February 15, 2010

Topps Million Pulls

"But Mom, everyone else is doing it!"

Since pretty much the entire card blogosphere is posting their personal Topps Million card pulls on the first day of availability, I shall do the same. So far I've purchased a whopping 13 packs of Topps and 1 Rack-pack. I haven't been at all dissatisfied with my pulls thus far, I've gotten a nice mix of inserts and even pulled a hit! I'll detail what I got below, but here's my first 4 Topps Million cards:

Paul Schaal 1972
Paul Schaal / Third Base / Kansas City Royals
Card ID Number: 177

Joe Coleman 1972
Joe Coleman / Pitcher / Detroit Tigers
Card ID Number: 640

Bill Campbell 1985
Bill Campbell / Pitcher / Philadelphia Phillies
Card ID Number: 209

Derek Jeter 1999
Derek Jeter / Shortstop / New York Yankees
Card ID Number: HDA1

See that last one? Yeah, there's NO pictures listed on the site, and I can't find one on eBay. In fact, I can't even verify the existence of a 1999 HDA1. There's a 2000 HDA1, which is a Jeter autograph. If I pulled a Jeter autograph out of this thing, then I win right? I mean everyone else is pulling JUNK so far, if I pulled a Jeter, well that would be the best so far. I think. If anyone else pulls something better, comment would ya? Oh and if you can shed some light on this HDA1 card, I'd love to know what the heck it is.

ANYWAY, here's the rest of what I've pulled out of Topps thus far:

4 Red Back Minis (Spahn, Mantle, Chipper, Jackie Robinson)
2 History of the Game (LOVE)
2 Tales of the Game (Love)
5 Peak Performance (Meh)
2 Serial # Gold Parallel
3 Turkey Red
2 When they were young
3 Legendary Lineage (1 double)
6 Cards Your Momma Threw Out - no original backs
4 Topps Million Codes
13 Standard Topps Town
2 Gold Topps Town

1 Peak Performance Relic - David Wright


Play at the Plate said...

You did good for having 4 codes. If one of them is a Jeter auto then you did GREAT!

sociallyawkwardjellyfish said...


Do you remember that nice thoughtful little trade package that you received back in early December with some Topps Obama, '08 American Heritage, some Angels and even a '69 Topps Angels card? How come you never sent me my end of that trade (the '09 topps variation) or responded to my email? I know this isn't going to get approved but your email doesn't seem to work. Please email me.

William Noetling said...

I have been very bad about sending out my end of the trades lately, I apologize. I did not get any emails though, though probably my spam catcher caught it. Relax, your end will be coming forthwith, and there will be something in it to make up for the lateness.