Friday, June 28, 2013


I have not bought a single pack of 2013 baseball cards.  I admit it, I'm weak.  The Angels aren't doing anything exciting and I've never cared for the rest of the league, plus when I'm not working I can't justify spending my wife's hard-earned money on cardboard.

That doesn't mean I haven't been collecting cards though, I'm doing it virtually via the Topps Bunt app. It's both a complete set of cards and a game in one free program.  Today they are doing a promotion where if you enter another user's name (mine is WILDWILL) as a promo code you'll get extra coins to start.  Plus they have been giving away promo codes for free coins left and right (the one for today is HEARTANDSOUL).  It's a fun game you should try it.  And if you do, trade with me, I'll give you something nice if you mention my blog in your trade offer.

I can also recommend highly the BuntMania webforum where you can learn all about the game, keep up with promo codes and post massive trade lists, which you can't really do in the app.

I've also been playing Star Trek Rivals though it's not so much a CCG, as a weird quick game with cards.

Lastly don't forget to sign up for GI JOE Battlegrounds which isn't out yet, but is coming soon.  If you use promo code HISSTANK you'll get a free Major Bludd card along with your free Storm Shadow.  Also sign up for the HissTank forums while you're at it.

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