Friday, July 9, 2010

Jeter is in the HOUSE - But for HOW LONG?

Remember back in March I blogged about the Jeter card I pulled out of the Topps Million Code Transmogrifier? Well I had it delivered. Also did you know that in certain states you don't have to pay for the delivery? California is one of those states, so I didn't have to pay at ALL for UPS Ground with tracking and insurance!

In any case, the card JUST arrived a few minutes ago, I took a couple of moments to scan it before I threw it up on eBay. Here's the card in all it's glory:

I also had a 1958 Russ Kemmerer card delivered just because I don't really have anything that old in my collection and I thought it'd be cool to have. Here's those pics:

Now the site doesn't claim to give you MINT cards, you expect a 2000 year card to be mint, and it is, though they didn't send it in a Top Loader darn it. Fortunately there was no damage. They probably didn't protect it better because the card is pretty thick. The 1958 though is in PRETTY good shape, I see a minor crease and the corners are slightly fuzzy, but it's solid.

Anyway, if you're interested in the Jeter, it's on eBay.

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beardy said...

Awesome, nice Million Card Hit!